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scott, united states, 23 years

Q: I would like to have more than one partner at a time, but how do I ask or express that to my girlfriend?

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Angela, Washington DC, 20 years

Q: I am totally in love with a man and am even contemplating marriage after college, but I've always had a desire to sleep with a woman. Does that make me a lesbian? Should I try to fulfill my desire? And should my lover know?

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Kevin B., L.A., 17 years

Q: My dick is 6 inches long. Is that small? Or is it average? How large is the average dick?

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mdenis, US, 50 years

Q: Wife of 27 yrs has no interest in sex; I've grown to like guys. Marriage is convenient, nothing else. Wondering if I should consider divorce, or if I should just continue playing around behind her back. If she were to find out I'd probably be relieved. My sex drive is still very strong while hers is nonexistent.

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Q: I would like to know when kkk was started
and where?

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