Sega Genesis 3

Working Status

Fully working
Original Box



Serial number



Motorola 68000, 16-Bit, 7,61 MHz


64 KByte Main Memory
64 KByte Video-Ram
8 KByte Sound-Ram


64 out of 512 colors
320x224 (320x448) Pixel


10 channel stereo
(3 PSG, 6 FM and 1 digital-channel)
20 KHz sampling rate


The 3rd in the series, named the Genesis 3, was released by Majesco, not SEGA. Although it was under permission of Sega of America. The Genesis 3 does not have the Z80 processor, and that means the following:
1. Unable to run the MS convertor as it needs the Z80 chip which is the brain of the SMS.
2. Unable to run Game Genie, the Z80 must have played a role in the use of this thing.
3. Unable to run special games such as Sega's Virtua Racing, which again uses the Z80.
The obvious disability of the Genesis 3 is the missing expansion port that used the purpose of running the SegaCD

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