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Migrate launch configurations

To migrate launch configs between different workspaces simply copy the .launch files from:


Organise Imports

  • Automatically organise imports: Ctrl+Shift+O
  • Static import: Ctrl+Shift+M

To exclude annoying packages or classes when doing automatic organisation of imports with Ctrl+Shift+O create a a “Type Filter” under Windows → Preferences → Java → Appearance → Type Filters.

Most annoying for me are JUnit 3, awt, Joda time:



SVN support

As of 2018 the subversive project seems to be dead, so we must use subclipse. Install it from the Eclipse Marketplace and then:

sudo apt install libsvnclientadapter-java

Specify the folder where is located as library path in eclipse.ini (the line must come directly after -vmargs)


see also


Scroll bars hide content

Start with:


This will permanently reserve place for the scroll bars and no content will be hidden.


Autocompletion not working properly

This happens sometimes when upgrading a workspace to a new version of Eclipse (most recently to me when upgrading vom 2018.09 to 2018.12).

Window→Preferences→Java→Editor→Content Assist→Advanced

Now make sure the following are all ticked in the top and bottom sections:

  • Java Non-Type Proposals
  • Java Proposals
  • Java Type Proposals

Apply the changes and then close and re-open your project and it will build the autocompletions which will then become available when you hit Ctrl-Space.


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