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Line 116: Line 116:
 <code xml> <code xml>
     <​subsystem xmlns="​urn:​jboss:​domain:​transactions:​5.0">​     <​subsystem xmlns="​urn:​jboss:​domain:​transactions:​5.0">​
         <​core-environment node-identifier="​${​1}">​         <​core-environment node-identifier="​${​1}">​
Line 126: Line 127:
         <​object-store path="​tx-object-store"​ relative-to="​"/>​         <​object-store path="​tx-object-store"​ relative-to="​"/>​
     </​subsystem>​     </​subsystem>​
 +    ...
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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