Reworking a Francaise

I was never quite satisfied with a Robe à la Francaise I made – at the time I did not put as much attention to details because I assumed it would be a one-time excursion into this time period. Since this sentiment now has changed, I decided to take apart the Francaise and turn it into an Anglaise (here’s the pattern).

Additionally I retouched the jupe: it has suffered from being put into the washing machine, and it would profit from more decoration as well. From a misguided online order I had some tulle-based flower trimming that went on the jupe.


Deadline: WGT  2015  (in 2014 I went to Leipzig alone, and I had no stays with front closure at the time :D )


A white beret, decorated with roses. And a pretty choker.

EAV – Wir marschieren

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