More skirt experiments

I saw a nice striped skirt which made me theorise about how it’s made. I’ve ordered 4m of this fabric (150cm wide)


and will make two layers of skirt, along with a volume layer made of tulle.

First I determined the length of the two skirt layers (65cm resp 55cm), then I cut 2 pieces (180cm each = 2×55+65, plus 5cm seam allowance) and made a huge fabric tube with 3m circumference. I folded the layers into the tube



and added a double layer of tulle into the bubble skirt part.
Then it was already time to add a jersey waistband, as already practised in [1].
The fabric is rather heavy though (160g/m²), so the poor waistband will get elastic band support. The last thing to do is to add a small trim to the longer skirt layer (the skirt is not as fire-engine-red as the picture claims)


and then:


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