Mineral collecting in Southern Africa

Here you will find a more in depth look at the main mineralogical sites in Southern Africa. There will be a brief account of the history and the various minerals to be found at the different mineral locations. Buying and collecting tips shall also be given. The countries South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbawe, Mozambique, Zaire and Malawi shall be dealt with (eventually).

Index of the Mineral Locations:

1 Witwatersrand Basin (RSA)
2 Messina copper deposits (RSA)
3 Kalahari Manganese Field - Kuruman area (RSA)
4 Phalaborwa Complex (RSA)
5 Tsumbeb (Nam) - (planned)
6 Berg Aukas (Nam) - (planned)
7 Spitzkoppe (Nam)) - (planned)
8 Brandberg (Nam) - (planned)
9 Rosh Pinah (Nam) - (planned)

The Mineral Sites in Southern Africa

Due to the vast amount of different mineral localities in Southern Africa this site will initially only discuss the mayor mineral localites. The history and past mineralogical significance of the various mineral locations (in most cases mines) will gradually be added to the site. Also it should be noted that new information different sites about the is provided in a different site. The mineral locations will be listed starting with the oldest sites in the different countries.

Tsumbeb (Nam)

Berg Aukas (Nam)

Spitzkoppe (Nam)

Brandberg (Nam)

Rosh Pinah (Nam)


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