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Find nifty Ubuntu Linux-based recipes here.

Python to DEB package

Found it here.

Often Python packages come with utility but you'd rather have a .deb file.

sudo aptitude install python-stdeb
python --command-packages=stdeb.command bdist_deb

Change encoding of a file

iconv -l # lists available encodings
iconv -f <present encoding> -t <desired encoding> <file>

Convert images to AVI file

File names must contain sequence numbers (frame001.png, frame002.png etc.)

mencoder "mf://*.PNG" -mf fps=10 -o output.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4

Rip a media stream

mplayer  -dumpstream -dumpfile orgel.asf mms://
mplayer -vc null -vo null -ao pcm:file=orgel.wav orgel.asf
oggenc -Q orgel.wav
ogg123 orgel.ogg

Count occurences of pattern in multiple files

egrep -hc  "ECO>101<" *xml | awk '{total+=$0}END{print total}'}}}
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