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AIS data from AISDK, available on their FTP server.

Has different archive formats (zip,rar) and csv data formats (header, no header)

Type of position fixing device

  • |Combined GPS/GLONASS |
  • |Not used |
  • |Integrated navigation system|
  • |GLONASS |
  • |Chayka |
  • |Galileo |
  • |Internal |
  • |Undefined |
  • |Surveyed |
  • |GPS |
  • |Loran-C |

Mobility data Austria


Data download area:

Trains only, no buses.

To create a download all .txt files, then

rename 's/(.*).csv/$1.txt/' *.csv
zip *.txt



licensed under Creative Commons Namensnennung 3.0 Österreich


  • rail tracks and
  • train stations/stops

GeoJSON and Shape EPSG: MGI Austria Lambert!

Useful attributes:

NAMECAT distinction between train station (Bahnhof) and stop (Haltestelle)

CROSSSECT/CROSS_NAME distinction between nach Eisenbahnstrecke single-track (eingleisig), double-track (zweigleisig), station area (Bahnhofsbereich) and stop area (Haltstellenbereich)


licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

GTFS, updated quarterly (as of April 2019)

I created a gtfs archive and checked it with transitfeed 1.2.16 (latest release available at that time):

TLDR: looks usable (but be sure to look into the block_id issue if you plan to use this column).

Long version: no errors, 4060 warnings.

383 Duplicate IDs in transfers.txt: these appear to be walking times within larger stations such as Innsbruck HBF or Salzburg HBF. Since additional columns (from_trip_id,to_trip_id) have been added (which are not documented in GTFS for transfers.txt), these must be changing times for specific trips.

59 Invalid Values in routes.txt: can be ignored, all flagged values

  • 101
  • 102
  • 103
  • 106
  • 109

are contained in the extended route types. Also minor warnings about route_long_name and route_short_name.

1475 Overlapping Trips In Same Blocks in trips.txt: “Trip 348 and trip 349 both are in the same block 270 and have overlapping arrival times.”
The (optional) block_id field identifies the block to which the trip belongs. A block consists of a single trip or many sequential trips made using the same vehicle, defined by shared service day and block_id.

2139 Too Fast Travels: can be ignored since feedvalidator flags everything faster than 100km/h.

4 Unrecognized Columns in stops.txt: can be ignored, the column platform_code is not defined for stops.txt

Ticket shops

JSON with 1109 shops.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

Contains loads information like opening hours, accessibility.

Combining datasets

I tried matching the ticket shop JSON with GeoJSON stops:

pk_bfnr: nationale Bahnhofnummer, z.B. 1114
eva_bfnr: internationle Bahnhofnummer, z.B. 8100002.

GIP_OBID ID aus der Graphenintegrations-Plattform GIP, e.g. 15532299337
EXTERNALID Betriebsstellen-ID der ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, e.g. 1235

but externalid to pk_bfnr does not produce valid matchings:

2511: FEATURENAME BST Wien Westbf

2511: 'bfname': u'Gobelsburg'

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